Sleep Headphones 101 - The Benefits Of Using Sleep Headphones


In this fast-paced day and age, there is a good chance you have heard about the intrinsicality of sleep headphones or the art of using sleep headphones at some point in conversational passing. After all, sleep headphones are made for better sleep, and sleeping in general is one of the most vital factors in accentuating health, wellness, and life quality as a whole. But here’s the zinger millions of people do not get the quality sleep they need to operate at their best each day. In fact, 2022 sleep statistics state that 62% of adults WORLDWIDE say they don't sleep, and in the US alone, insufficient sleep has an estimated economic impact of over $411B (yes, with a B) each year.

To see more cool and probably shocking 2022 statistics about sleep, you can find that here.

Overall, sleep is undeniably important, yet so many people still find themselves feeling far less recharged than they should each morning. But instead of reaching for another dose of melatonin or risking another lackluster morning, finally attain the better sleep you deserve with sleep headphones. What are sleep headphones? They are soft, sound-blocking, thin padded, and tranquil-inducing bedtime assets proven to kick sleep quality up to the caliber it should be…and for many more innovating ways than just one.

The Benefits Of Sleep Headphones

  • Fall Asleep Faster Without The Adversities of Earbuds

According to tons of former and recent 2022 sleep studies, listening to soft music/white noise can improve sleep quality. Furthermore, The Sleep Foundation found that people fall asleep 38% FASTER when listening to white noise vs. those who don't. Couple that with the intense comfort of the sleep headphones, you can now take full advantage of these positive impacts without having to endure the safety risks and anti-comfort realities of traditional earbuds.

It has been long found that earbuds can lead to things such as minor hearing loss, chronic pain, and canal/cartilage inflammation – especially when worn while sleeping on your sides. Lucky, you can bypass this by using sleep headphones instead. Made with thin, soft padded speakers that gently rest across your ears (NOT inside them), you can now fall asleep faster and stay asleep without having to sacrifice the health of your ears along the way.

  • Noisy Surroundings? No Problem! Sleepbzzz Sleep Headphones Offer Complete Outside World Noise Cancellation

What are sleep headphones beyond the obvious definition of being ultra-comfortable music players? Easy; they are the most iconic noise cancellation assets that can quiet even the nosiest of streets, neighbors, family, and roommates.

Live on a busy street with constant vehicle movement?
Do you happen to live in a tourist area with loud vacationers?
Are their planes or trains frequently zooming by?
Bunking with a massively noisy roommate?
Is your spouse a super night owl?

Whatever your unique sleep-disturbing case may be, we can help! Possessing innovative sound-blocking technology, using sleep headphones act as an ideal sound-canceling agent so you can finally get a good night's rest without being woken up by the nightlife around you. Now, if you also choose to listen to light music to help the process along, then wonderful! But just know that kicking out unwanted noise is still an option regardless if you decide to press play or not.

  • 100% Machine Washable (Yes, You Read That Right)

Soothing music playlist? Check. Clean sheets with a cooling pillow? Check. Headphones that you get to clean after use to ensure good hygiene every night? If your answer is anything other than, "yet, check!" then investing in sleep headphones should be next on your health and wellness budget list. That said, using sleep headphones comes with the added bonus of being able to wash them as needed or desired. And by wash, we do, in fact, mean machine wash.

How does that work? Our sleep headphones come with removable electronic components. This means when you are ready to give your band a power wash, all you need to do is remove the electronic parts, put the band in the washer, and resemble once it is dried. Easy as doing a load of laundry and one step closer to sleeping soundly knowing that the band you are wearing is fresh on your hair and skin.

  • Thin Padded Speakers That Connect To ALL Bluetooth Devices
Sleepbzz headphones

It was mentioned that using sleep headphones means you get to enjoy the comfort of thinly padded speakers all night long (aka, continuous sound blocking/music playing without facing any earbud issues). But there's another side that makes sleep headphones that much more quintessential for bedtime. The answer? Their innate Bluetooth ability to connect to ALL devices. This means that no matter what your preferred device may be, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your sleep headphones will be able to work in your favor every time.

PS: With all this talk about noise and light cancellation, you might be a little weary about sleeping through your alarm. The amazing news is this doesn't have to be a worry at all. If you set your alarm on the device you are hooked up to, your alarm will still go off through your Sleepbzzz headphones, making sleeping too much one less worry to fall asleep with.

  • Acts As A Dual Black Out Sleep Mask

Whether you like to head to bed early while the sun is still peeking out or have a spouse who likes to watch TV at night, you can now counter that sleep-disturbing light with sleep headphones. In short, using sleep headphones offer much more than just sound cancellation and/or therapeutic tones that help promote better sleep; they also perform as the perfect sleep mask as well – offering intense vision and hearing blocking that calms even the most hyperactive senses. The cool part is that it takes zero effort to enjoy both perks. Simply place the sleep headphones over your eyes, and you will be able to indulge in a tranquil experience as you finally get to disconnect from the world around you.

Please note that the Sleepbzzz sleep headphones are not issued to treat, cure, or diagnose sleep disorders. If you are someone suffering from regular sleep impairments that become the catalyst for other adverse wellness symptoms/health conditions, please consult with your doctor.

Power Down Your Mind With Sleepbzzz

In the end, never underestimate the power of quality sleep. In addition, never underestimate the power of using sleep headphones to optimize the head-to-pillow experience even more. Because as much as sleep may be a secondary thought in the fast-paced world, the reality is that consistent, undisturbed, and all-around GOOD sleep is the ultimate key to feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and energized for every tomorrow. That being said, knowing what are sleep headphones and how they equate to better sleep is a spearheading step forward to feeling your best, but what guarantees those fruitful results is attaining this bedtime asset from a brand that values your health and wellness just as much as you do.

Established on the foundation of integrity and the notion to promote better sleep, us here at Sleepbzzz are a renowned brand that is home to the world’s most comfortable headphones designed for bedtime. Selling over 50,000 sleep headphones to date, we have proudly helped thousands remediate their sleep schedule with our advanced sleep headphones along with the FREE Sleep Smarter eBook that comes along with it. Overall, if you truly want to fall asleep 4X faster, block out the outside world, and finally get your peace back when you need it the most, then you best bet we are ready when you are to ensure that happens.